JL Madore

Throughout my whole life, the only thing I ever truly knew—to the depth of my soul—was that I wanted to be the best wife and mother I could possibly be. I'd like to think, to the best of my ability, I accomplished that goal. I live in Ontario with my high school sweetheart/husband, our two children, a dog, two cats, a hedgehog and my mom. I stayed home, running our household, raising our children and then, twenty-two years later, found that my children were on the verge of becoming strong, independent adults themselves.

It was the year we checked out of the hustle of Canadian life and moved as a family to Panama that I realized, I was ready for my second phase in life. Running a bed and breakfast in a secondary rainforest of Central America I found my writing muse.

My daughter's copy of Twilight was the only English novel we had with us when we moved south. Many a sleepy afternoon and warm romantic night I read, re-read, re-re-read that worn paperback. I read it over and over until I started to imagine all the other directions the story could have taken if I had written it. My Edward would have said this. My Bella would have done that. My book would have had waaaay more sex. It's not that I have anything negative to say about how Stephanie Meyers told her tale; I just realized I would've done some things differently.

That sparked the fire between Jade and Galan in BLAZE IGNITES.

Fast forward a few more years down the road of life. Our family is back, living in Ontario, the kids preparing to go off to college, and I spend every day devoting my time to learning the craft of writing, editing, developing my stories, characters and adventures. Now, it's time to see what the world thinks.

 So, enjoy. Read, re-read, re-re-read, and if you think of different ways my stories could've gone—I hope you find your muse too.



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