Book 1 - Watcher Untethered

In the shadows of the night, Zander Ambrose, immortal Nephilim commander, has embraced his mission since his days as an ancient Sumerian warrior:

Protect humans. Dispatch evil.

His destiny has always been clear—until the night he regains consciousness to find that not only did he not apprehend the Shedim demon who killed the dancer from his club, but he's handcuffed to a human female—a really naked human female. Though romantic entanglements bring a penalty of death, Austin's touch awakens a dark and dangerous hunger within him.

And it's growing stronger.

With soul-siphoning demons and murderous monsters of the Darkworld hell-bent on wreaking havoc in the mortal realm, Zander is faced with his greatest battle ever—the battle to save his own soul.



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